World Ranger Day

Today we stand with the world's ranger and celebrate World Ranger Day! As we fight our way through the steppe of Kazakhstan, rangers all over the world are fighting on the front-line to protect our wildlife.

World Ranger Day 2017

Each year rangers die in the field or get injured while protecting our nature. The world ranger day commemorates these individuals and celebrates the work done by women and men all over the world to save our natural heritage. The International Ranger Federation (IRF) has nominated this day to raise awareness and show solidarity with your fellow rangers.

On our cycling trip we have met rangers in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China, and listened to their stories. You can read about it under the ranger category.

The World Ranger Day is also a day where every person can show their solidarity with these women and men. We are collecting money for the Thin Green Line Foundation, an IRF foundation that supports rangers worldwide. If you have the possibility, please make a small donation too. Just click here and press donate.

Ultimately I leave you with a message by Jane Goodall, long-time supporter of the Thin Green Line Foundation.

For more information you can visit the IRF Website or the Thin Green Line Foundation's Website